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New to me - 85 B2. Cranks, but won't idle


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Jun 3, 2017
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Hi everyone,

I mistakenly thought my new B2 was a 2.9, but apparently it's a 2.8. Below is the post I made in the 2.9 thread a couple of days ago to try to get some help. I've been told that the 85 2.8L was still on a manual pump and hence does not have a fuel pump that's accessible or could be heard(?) when the key is on. That would also mean there is no inertia switch. Other than that, I'm still unable to get it to idle. It will crank, but I have to accelerate to keep it on. It will make a couple of small backfire sounds. As soon as I let off of the gas, it will die. Any thoughts? I'm going to replace the fuel filter this week.

"I'm a new member. I just bought an '85 manual 5 speed yesterday. I have very little knowledge of cars, but I can usually figure things out pretty quickly. I bought the truck from a gentleman yesterday and he cranked it right up. I piddled around the parking lot in 1st and all was fine. I bought it and started to drive it home. Admittedly, I haven't driven a straight in close to 10 years, so I think I dogged it a little. I ended up shaking the ball at the end of the shifter loose and the stranded myself. Fortunately, I was able to tow it home and the guy I bought it from told me that those balls are prone to come loose. I was able to get that fixed today. However, now I can't get it to idle. I'm able to crank the truck, but I have to give it gas to keep it running. The second I let off the gas, it will die. I don't know enough about it to know how many of the components are newer, but I know the engine was rebuilt about 40k ago according to the sticker on the door. I know that truck cranked right up 3 or 4 times yesterday until I had my stalling debacle. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was planning to check spark plugs and fuel filter tm.

P.S. I love the little thing and I expect it to be a project. I've always wanted to know more about vehicles, so I think this will be a good one to learn on. I've also always loved these trucks and I'm sure I'll be back to ask more questions are I continue to learn my way around it and clean it up."​


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Aug 22, 2012
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My 84 Bronco 2's choke didn't work on it, so it was wired open...even then it managed to start and idle even on the coldest days. So, with that being said, these dang things are a pain in the a** due to ford getting the bright idea to try to computerize a carburetor. You'll need to get the engine up to operating temperature shut it off, then disconnect the SPOUT connector, its the single wire coming off the distributor.

Once its warmed up shut it off and pull the air filter & housing off. You will find that there are a couple of screws on the bottom in the front of the carburetor. I turned both in until they just seated, don't crank them down tight you'll damage them. Then turn them out 2-1/2 to 3 turns. Start it back up, and it may still not idle, you may have to have someone else sit in the vehicle and keep a bit of throttle, although you can do this yourself with the throttle linkage at the carburetor. Slowly start adjusting those screws until it will idle on its own. You don't want a high idle, I think around 750-800rpm is normal operating idle once warmed up. You'll have to play with those screws to get it to idle on its own, once you do, plug the little wire back in that you unplugged earlier.