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SJ FA600 on 4inch lift doesnt fit linkage..


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Aug 26, 2018
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so i have a rough country 4 inch lift on my 86 Bronco 2, and was trying to fix the steering linkage. i decided i wanted to get the super runner one but they have stopped producing them for some reason.. i went ahead and bought the SJ FA600 to drop the linkage down further to straighten it out but have run into the problem of it not being able to hook up properly. i have been through all the forums and different websites but it doesnt seem like anyone has had the problem i have? so the drag link on the passenger side has a bend to connect to the pitman arm right? but the inner tie rod end on the drivers side is just completely straight, and i have to push back the entire linkage in order to get close to having them connect. the problem i run into is that the drag link tie rod end is rubbing with the inner tie rod and there is no clearance. am i doing something wrong? considering NO ONE has had this issue besides me? is there another steering linkage i could buy that has bends on both ends to ensure they dont rub on each other? money isnt an issue here, i just want to finally be done with this awful steering issue..