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Yet another duraspark conversion thread


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Apr 11, 2017
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Hey team, got a 1984 Eddie Bauer Bronco II here with a thirst for a new ignition system.

A little background, bought the rig and she didn't run. Rebuilt the old feed back carb and she ran okay for about a month. Took it to a shop to have the carb tuned and the mechanic ripped off the old feedback carb and threw on a newly re-manufactured 2150 pre-feedback. Perfect for a Duraspark conversion.

Been reading through the threads and read the tech article, this is what I gather:

~A lot of people get super confused super fast with this conversion
~Good amount of ripping of old junk, but most rip out too much wiring
~A lot of people smoke their coils, (why?)
~The tech article is good but could use some more info
~I would like to add that additional info if possible with this conversion
~Gonna take some pictures after I'm done and make a short YouTube video

Not an expert on cars. Worked on them a fair bit, just brake jobs and parts changing, nothing like this.

No novice to mechanical systems, mechanical engineer by training and now a controls engineer by employment.

Hoping to post any of my future questions here and thanks for everyone's help in advance!