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  • whats up i have a 1984 ranger i was just wondering if you can help me out with some ideas for the suspension because i want to build a prerunner
    oh for sure. i just scored some saw 2.5x18 theaded bdys and natioanl leaf pack for 600 bucks should be starting a bedcage pretty soon. got my bumper done today thing came out sweet
    haha yeah. well never got the damn bungs done. gotta go pick up some steel as my buddy didnt have the steel i needed to use. Will be over at the house for sure this upcomin weekend. ill keep ya updated
    well didnt make it over there today. was trin to get to my buddies lathe so i can make some bungs for my bros doors. might be able to get over there tomorrow
    will do man. gunna be welding up my brothers rzr cage and startin on his doors. you welcome to come over. ill send ya a text tomorrow mornin
    yea i bought a 93 ext cab 4.0 with 7 over beams, engine cage, bumper, new glass, prp seats, saw c/o's, only 87k miles for 4g. shoot me a text or call if your not busy this weekend stephen 209-756-0596
    whats up man im all settled in sold the ranger this mrning, probbably getting a toyota or 2wd beamed ranger
    Oh alright i'll check that out, pm your number and we'll have to go hit up hooters sometime lol
    i wont be for a few months before i would be able to get to your truck if you wanted a bumper. im pretty stacked with stuff right now. i really dont know anyone hiring. you might try discount tire off 43rd ave and bell.
    Sounds good! I'll be there next weekend. Yea most are pricks on there lol. You think you could help me with a front bumper sometime? Just a simple one tube under the grill and tie it into the frame ina few spots with a skidplate. Know any places hiring? Just lookin for something part time.
    Nae i dont really meet up with them. never benn big into gettin to know alot of them cause the few guys i met had an attitude and i really dont care for that. I have plenty of buddies that are all into fabricating, racing and so on in the desert stuff. those guys like to pick stuff apart and trust me, i know very well what im doing and am running things a certain way cause thats the way i want to go. they like to think their way is the only way sometimes

    and nice! you will be right up the road from my apartment! let me know when you get out here, ill have ya follow me out to where the ranger is an you can have a up close and personal look of the ranger if you like lol
    Whats up man I'll be out there for good in two weeks. Deer Valley road and I-17. Do you ever go to any of the meets for dezertrangers?
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