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  • i did the unthinkable. I took an 87 ranger supercab cut the entire chassis off a k-5 full size blazer and welded it to th frame of the ranger. had monster blocks in rear made. stuffed a 350 0.030 engine with all the blazer running gear and 35s. had to sledge the firewall back some to clear the sock distributor. I kept the stock allignment as the entire chassis was intact from the firewall up from the blazer that was grafted to the ranger. the steering was a problem as the collum on the ranger sits inside the frame and the blazer ran outside the frame when the two were grafted. I did have the mounts fail and the steering lincage was always a problem comming loose due to the extreme angle. my wife had it fail on her one day and i parted the truck out. txt me an email and I will send u the pic. it can be done i have lots of people that said it couldnt be done. 910-880-0241
    Yes it did fix it i got one from autopartsgaint.com for $130 with a $106 core and plugged it in and it fired right up running good
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