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  • Earl, I just can't thank you enough for your help. I did a search for my problem - sudden failure of dome light/ power windows - that comes & goes. I had prepared myself for having to go through delaer hell with a new GEM or at least relays that I know nothing about. You responded to a similar question & someone pointed out that it happened in rainy weather. You said to check the ground under the fuse box/parking brake. I did & it fixed it! Man.. in this economy ( and my health problems, etc.) you really saved my ass! I just don't have the time or money to deal with days in ( a dealership) shop right now. Thanks again. FWIW... I'm a semi - gun smith ( used to work for Glock) & I do the same for free with peoples gun problems. Nice to find someone there to help me when I needed it!
    hi Earl many thanks great pics been trying for 3 days had to saw clutch fan off frozen on had pipe wrenches on it left hand thread would not come off again thanks will post results
    Hey Earl, Thanks for the info on the 92 Ranger 6cyl 3.0. I need a diagram of the fuse panel with description of each breaker/CB. My manual does not seem accurate and on-line sources are NOT TOO GOOD! Anyway, I guess you saw my posting with the wiper/radio problem. My email is jckrwile@hughes.net. Thanks
    Need info on standard tranny 1994 4x4 ranger. Stuck in fifth gear..any info or do it yourself soloutions? Thank's
    Earl,I'm not a kid or dog (been called worse) but I like you too. Thanks for the help, I replaced the egr pressure sensor ,cleared the code, and test drove and it runs like a new truck. Thank you for the help, you not only saved me time but alot of money also. I hope some day I can repay the favor. i am a retired Saturn tech so if there is anything you ever need for a Saturn I may be able to help. Thanks again, appreciate the help!!
    i inderstood your advice and glad to hear you have the wiring schematic's could you please email them to awsskater4life76@netscape.net thank you, Jeff
    Thanks for all your help. I think I solved it. This is my dads truck. Once I went to look at the ground behind the kick panel, I noticed my dad had installed a push button switch on that kick panel to use as a manual trailer brake control. Turns out, he stuck a drywall screw through the harness behind the kick panel. Its a wonder it didnt damage more. Once I took the drywall screws out,the problem went away. Again thanks for all your help.
    wow, you were the only person to reply, and the info was very easy to understand and very helpful, tyhanks for your time.
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