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  • Long time no talk lol. So what ubeen up to? My rear end is going out of my truck and need a new drive line. Got a 45 i can shoot my truck with lol. So ive been trying to get my f150 going. I finally have my dad talked into a v8 swap. Still looking for a job though.
    Iam in waterloo now. Trying to find a job but i think i would have more luck pulling teeth. Lol hey there is a truck for sale by me its a 1987 ranger xlt 4x4 reg cab long bed stick shift for 650.00 its on craigless u should check it out.
    The good o 4.0 is a good engine. I just cant see doing a swap inless u are gonna put in a v8. Like your truck did u spray bomb it? I say put a 302 in it with a m5od tranny from a full size. Are a aod tranny. Be moiving to ill soon iam happy be out of the city.
    Sounds like they are trying to screw u over. Yea i found a 289 that i want to buy. Just dont have the money. Once i get a job and a little money to feed my truck. We should hang out. I am dead set on using a 289 something diffrent and i can get allmost 400 hp out of it.
    That sucks man. U need to put a v8 in it with a good stong built aod.lol thats what i want to do to mine. Once i get the money.
    they are to hard to keep clean and the sticky waits they use to balance them aways fall off. selling them right now if u know anybody that would want to buy them. so what all u got done to your rig? mine is mostly stock other then 3 inch body lift anda bored over 2.9. ill be putting new front and rear spring on it soon with new pivit bushings. then down the road is a 2 inch lift with a 8.8 going under it. then it will stay that way for a while got my f150 to fix up.
    that sounds cool i just have to watch my gas cause i have no job. i start school on the 28 of this month. so what u going to fention for? nice wheels on your truck. what to trade? lol i hate mine.
    sorry dont get on a lot as of late. iam in overland mo right now but i go all over the place all the time. just give me a buz when u want to hang out.
    I replaced the mass air meter. It had the same codes as it did back in May when I replaced it the first time. Luckily it was under warranty at Car Quest. The one from May was a reman the one I got tonight was a NEW one!! I went to O'reileys and cleared the codes. I hope when I start it tomorrow when I leave for work the light will Stay off!! I HATE THAT SES LIGHT!
    Not that I have here in Ohio, but when I go home for christmas I can print you one up. . Just PM me your name and address. Sorry I haven't been on in awhile but lifes been tight lately
    i got it to get some decent flex, but that truck is long since gone lol, trying to sell off my 78 f-250, its time for me to build another one
    in that picture im using a chaing through the front left rim and am using my engine hoist to allow it to flex lol
    I talked to her today, she said if I'd come on a day when the weather was good....... she has my decal ready, and I'm going to get some 10in (shrunken windshield banners... for people) and anything anybody was wanting that PM'd me........

    I can get her to cut anything, with a design........ and any words or phrase is simple, simple.

    the thing is that it's hard to find an outline of the trucks...... it's all vinyl and not ink drawn onto a blank sheet.....

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