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  • cool stuff. Right now I have 31/10.5 bfg tires on my truck with no lift. People keep telling me they will look too small with the three inch lift. If i take it further than the three inches I will likely get 33s. But still!
    Yo, Bro. I run a 3 inch Fabtech spindle lift with Srpingtech 2 inc taller coil springs that I added in 2000. The ride is really nice. I then added a 3 inch PA BL the next year (2001). I have had no issues with any of the componants.
    Straycat, I'm wondering how much overall lift is on your Ranger, I'm fixing to put a 3" spindle lift on my 2001 xlt and was wondering what all you used. Thanks!
    hey man, need some help. got just about everything i need for my spindle lift, but i cant find a good ofroad shock. i learned today that rancho doesnt make shocks for coil suspension. what did you use?

    do you recall what the model number was on that reese hitch? i have searched their website and have found nothing that resembles that hitch. They have one but it mounts below the frame and I would like to have it come out at the same place where yours is. thanks!

    hey bud if your interested ill work the ffl fee and shipping into the price. so it shouldnt be any more than 250$ this is a great gun for a female its compact and weights only 21 ounces loaded. so if you want let me know cause i really wanna sell( my wife is getting on my case for a having to many lol)
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