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Anyone in Oregon?

May 12, 2017
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I have a 1990 BroncoII that I bought to pull behind my rv. It had lots of holes in the muffler. the seller worked in a shop and said for 125 he would install a new muffler etc.
when I went to pick it up it was still loud. he said the sent him a glass pack instead of what he ordered...and he cut off the end of the tail pipe near tank skid shield.
it is noisy and exhaust comes in the cab...
also after driving a bit there is a strange tapping noise. I read a thread on this site that it is fairly common on the 2.9 engines.
I have not put many miles on it because of the noise, exhaust and tapping. It does seem to run strong however. the fellow said he would buy it back when he sold another car, duh haha.
of course hasn't.
While I thought he was going to buy it back I fly d another. A 1988 bII that is already set up for being a tow vehicle.
If the tapping noise is indeed common and not an indication of impending doom I would prefer the 1990 even though the 88 is already tow ready
so I do need to sell one...the 88 is quiet but someone put other seats in the front and the driver seat doesn't adjust or slide forward.
Sorry for the long post.
rm smith