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fuel pump wiring not right? or ecc


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Jun 4, 2013
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Colorado Springs CO.
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Bronco II xlt
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Hey, I just swapped out my old 87 2.9l for an 88 2.9l the EEC and engine harness followed it and went well. I know about the changes for the 88 and conformed to that .my problem is the wiring for the fuel pump for the life off me I cant' make out heads or tales how the pump gets hooked up and which colors the wires that I am suppose to use I have power leaving the inertia switch which then leads to the big engine harness, from there I'm lost I know the 88 harness has a few more extra wires because of the options and ect. so when its going thru the main harness it comes out on driver side. the b2 I have is an 87. all I need is for someone to give me the colors and from where the originate from and how they hook out to the pump I know that when I turn the on key engine off there should be some relay clicking and the F\P should come on and shut off till I crank it the way its hooked up know the pump stays on r could be the EEC I guess but I still don't have that pump wired like it should be I can't remember for the life of me I was hoping that someone with electrical brains could help me I am at a lose and standstill please add you advice or comments. :dunno: