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How I fixed my cowl leaks


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Aug 5, 2017
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You might laugh, but it worked for me. My BII is a black '84 5 spd 4wd drive. I found it beside a lady's house in the bushes for cheap. The floors were bad from leaks from the cowl and the doors needed to be be snugged up to tighten the weatherstrip. Well, I cleaned up the seams under the hood , painted and sealed 'em, but it still leaked. I looked at the solutions guys offered and had my own idea to try first. After I cleaned out the cowl around the wiper transmission with air and a vacuum cleaner, I jacked one side up as far as I dared, put a small funnel down in the air intake grill on the high side, and slowly poured some black paint down in there. It ran out the inner fender like you'd expect, but it also ran down the leak to the floor. I did that three times over three days and it didn't leak any more, the paint drying in there and plugging the leak(s). Did the other side the same way and guess what? Dry as a bone! Hope this might help somebody, and I think it will be a long time before that area rusts again being well painted. And a little fluid film isn't hurting it in there either.....