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Is exhaust manifolds from 4.0 fit to Bronco2's 2.9 ?


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Dec 10, 2011
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Hi, comrades! It's my first question on this forum. Before I was just only reader for some years. TRS mostly, but and BroncoIICorral too.
So, I have a trouble. During work on my new Bronco II I found that right exhaust manifold was cracked by two pieces. Car - is regular 1989 Bronco 2, XLT, 2.9 EFI, 4x4. I live in Russia and it add troubles with it.
I can buy a new exhaust manifold from Rockauto, but shipment from USA will be costs for me more than manifold itself. It hurts. So - it will be a "Plan B" if all other thing will go wrong.
I trying to find it from "junkyards" here, but our aftermarket for such parts is bad. Such cars like Bronco 2 in Russia is becoming less and less, respectively, too few parts. I can't find used manifold from 2.9, but there is from Explorer's 4.0 (first generation).
And finally question is: will the exhaust manifolds (right and left) from Explorer's Cologne 4.0 fit to the 2.9 Bronco II's heads and Y-pipe?
I don't want to change Y-pipe to Explorer's so I have that question.

I know that partnumbers for Bronco2's and Explorer's manifolds differs. But visually they differs not too much. So - is there some hope for me?
Or I must use only original for 2.9?

Has anyone put the exhaust manifolds from the 4.0 to 2.9 with original Bronco2's Y-pipe?