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Pulled wiring, what needs to stay?


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Jul 1, 2009
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941, FL
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OK, well let's start off with some background info first shall we?

1990 Ford Bronco II, 4x4, auto, guessing it had the 2.9l V6 :icon_confused: (it was given to me as a project in progress, so that's why the confusion) It has a swapped in carb'd 302, AOD trans w/ adaptor for the electronic transfer case. Since I know a carb'd motor only needs certain things to run, I pulled the entire wiring harness to start fresh instead of cutting up a good harness, if I can sell it, since I already have an 18 circuit race fuse box already from previous projects.

So here's my questions...

Out of all the sensors, relays, other misc crap that I pulled from the engine bay, behind the dash and from the rest of the Bronc, is there anything I'll need to re-wire in?? There will be no creature comforts and I'm not going to need any dummy lights or misc un-needed sensors/relays really since it's a trail rig that will be only driven to a gas station for a fill up.

Do I need to wire in the electronic transfer case or is there a way to make it a manual? I don't mind the work, just wondering if it's worth the hassle :annoyed:

and last one, hopefully....

Does anyone know of or have an exploded view or colored wiring diagram for a '90 B2? I need the dash wiring so I can sort through the relays and control boxes to help me know if I need them or can put them in the for sale section/ebay to help fund the project.