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  • Hi my name is shaun. I was told u did a 4.0 swap and kept the gen one dash? How did u do that? I have a 4.0 once i get the wireing i need and a few other parts i will be doing the swap. I have a thread started in the other engine convertion section. If u just want to reply there thats cool thanks shaun.
    nice lookin bronco. just wanted to ask where you got the clear corner marker lights? lmc truck sells the clear turn signals but ive looked everywhere for the markers and cant find them. even searched on here and the only thing i found was a guy said he got lucky and found them on ebay. any info would be great thanks!!
    im doing the 4.0 into my 88. i was wondering if you put the explorer dash in. and what kind of problems did you run into?
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