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  • Hey new to the forum i saw on a post you have a brush guard and had a roof rack for your 94 Ranger was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for the brush guard and rack any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
    Just checked out your cardomain. The BII looks awesome, you did nice work to it. I always liked the BII's and thought of getting one and upgrading the axles til I found my limited.
    hey man, i need some help
    i was reading about all your posts of the ttb coils being stiff as hell, and upgrading to jeep coils. i was wondering how much lift 92-98 jeep cherokee 3.5" coils would give me? or what coils should i get to gain around 5" lift like you did, but i have a 94 supercab 3.0 ranger so she is probably a bit heavier than your b2. so what coils did you use? i would be happy with 4" higher too.
    thanks alot
    Hi, 4x4 , thanks for all your info,and your patience with my spelling.Your name has come up numerous times in how to allow the ttb to work.
    hi 4x4junkie do you know what type of schoks do I need for ford ranger xlt 3.0 4x4 for the front, it is stock lift from factory please help thanks
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