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  • Manual, my chassis came with the M5OD which is nearly as strong as a T5, but is stock equipment so easy to get parts for and not to mention fits well without mods, and the 1350/1354 bolts up. I also heard that only the world class T5's (the turbo T birds apparently came with them) shift decent, my ex had an S10 with a T5 and I couldn't shift that thing for anything, didn't like it at all, I've speed shifted the hell out of my M5OD enough to kill the syncro's :). As far as I know this tranny has over 200k on it (chassis had 175k on it before I started abusing it) and by the number of beer bottle caps jammed in the seat tracks it wasn't treated easy... The centerforce clutch is a perfect combo, controllable yet very sticky, I think I got their stock replacement friction disk or a step above with their pressure plate with weights.
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