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  • I went with a hydraulic setup because the ranger is hydraulic stock, and I didn't want to mess around with retrofitting to a cable clutch. From what I've heard, the hydraulic setups are also easier on the leg, which is a big deal if you have a heavy pressure plate in your DD, which I do.

    It's pretty straightforward. You just drill out the rivets that hold the tranny x-member in place and move it forward about 3 inches (you also have to trim the parking brake cable bracket) and then cut the shifter hole back. The t-5 shifter is 9 inches further back from the M5OD shifter.
    hey man, i was reading about your t5 swap, i noticed u used a hydrolic tbird t5. i was thinking of using a mustang cable clutch, less thinkgs to worry about going wrong and easy to replace a clutch cable if it breaks.

    anyways, i tryed to go to your cardomain and it didnt work for me, i was trying to look at come pics of the swap, i have an 87 and wanna do it in the next 6 months or so along with the 2.3T swap. so i basically wanna do the same stuff you did haha.

    ALSO a lil hint, look into a pro 5.0 short shifter for your t5. for about $200 you get way shorter throws, i had an 87 tbird that blew up before i tossed in the shifter so its waiting for my ranger, i kno i got tired of those long 3rd gear shifts lol
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