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Hazmat Ranger
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  • Hey wassup! I noticed that you have a headlight/turn signal that I'm looking at. Got any pics of the headlights and corner lights lit up?
    Hey Hazmat ranger! Im almost done building my 1997 ranger! I did the bucket seat conversion and its looking good. I am horrible at fiberglass work. and I dont think i can get the console to have symmetry. any suggestions? i would really like something like yours except with a 12 inch hole in the back. My only other idea was to make a console of MDF and carpet it to match my interior. but that seems like it would be too rigid. PLEASE HELP!

    I'm in Houston & College Station frequently, and the last time I was in Dallas was for the demolition of the Cowboys Stadium. We can get this banner moving.

    hey i saw that box u did for ur ranger freakin sweet i was just wondering just how man pieces of foam u had to have and what the rough cost was one it also did u put a 10 or 12 sub in that
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