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Ranger Sport Honduras

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  • My Honduran friend. its been about a year and your truck has gone from awesome to incredible!!!!!!!! I should have kept my 99 sport!!!!!!!! Dude you won offroad truck of the month with a 2wd 2.5 truck. That alone speaks for itself man. I am proud of you!
    Honesty I think it rides a hell of alot better then the TTB ever did (Mine was going to shit anyways) but the handeling maners of the truck are great, and im not even running a swaybar.

    very light wheeling its my dd mostly street driving but want to be able to have some fun.
    hey man i got a question. im getting the fabtech three inch spindle lift installed and getting 35's. i have 15x8 rims and i was told that 35x12.50 tires will work. my question is most 35's the companies say need wider rims than 8 inches. so what is your advice? because tires have the approved rim width range. what would you do. also i am getting re geared. :icon_thumby:
    Hey man I have to get pics up but I added a pa three inch body lift and some kc lights! I also buried my truck above the tires in mud and water and had to pull it out with a tractor :yahoo:
    hey bro heres a story of my buddy who butt-fu cks my wife, and a picture of my truck just because. cool story bro!

    You're welcome bro. It's nice having yall to turn to for help if something happens to be buggin me. I appreciate everybodys input on here.
    Been a while since I dropped by your profile page. Man, those 31's look awesome on your truck! Nice... :)
    Last time I was there was when I was 15, have been trying to get stationed there though to be closer to my grandparents since they are getting older and would love to see them more.
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