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  • i will see if i can find pics but did not take any of the build just when done and i used a diesel engine crossmember and welded it i my frame in place of the 2.9l crossmember and beefed up the frame alot
    When I built it I really did not take any pics of as I went along. I will look and see if I have any of a few similar ones that I built and post them up.
    They are ok I guess...the truck they are on never sees dirt, its just my little DD ranger. They are pretty loud, they seem to be wearing ok tho.
    well im really happy with them
    they are comfortable for street driving and they dont make much noise.
    they grab good on dirt and mud too.
    only downside is on wet pavement and wet rocks.
    which ones? all of the off road lights are getting replaced, they're all rotted out, they are cheap apc lights on the top with kc knockoffs in the front. Headlights are cheap conversion lights from the junkyard. I'm replacing the top and front lights with autopal 6" 100w lights, I'm also entertaining the idea of some HID headlights
    yeah they seem to grip very well in the dirt.
    for the price u cant go wrong.
    ive seen good reviews on internet about em. and lot of ppl use them here in Hon
    it wasnt a real test since it was grassy but completly dry. i couldnt climb it when i had the normal good year a/t tires.

    they do hum a bit tho. if that doesnt bother u, then go for em.
    so far i like them. keep in mind i havent had em enough time. just a few days, since i havent driven my truck in a while.
    i did a lil test on a hill and it went up without even spining.
    not sure ill get back to u on it. its a stock grill out side part with the inside cut out and its not in the best of shape so could prolly get another grill and cut out the inside and put the bar grill in place of it
    yup-they bolt in,if they are from a ranger-the explorer ones are a little different,but still not too hard to do.as for why,the d28 front and 7.5 rear don't take much abuse before they are spitting out parts....especially if you use bigger tires.
    good truck to build on...but i would be seriously looking for an 8.8/d35 combo to bolt in.
    shit I dont know dude lol. I think it took me about 16ft iirc. No clue on the bends. I just start bending stuff up till it looks right. its 1.75"x.120wall HREW. the winch plate is 1/4" tied into the frame/x-member and the bumper itself. Fairlead plate is 1/8", I have ballistic tube spike caps on the ends

    Go look through my build thread and you will see pictures of when I first built it, and pictures of when I put the winch and stuff on.
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