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  • Hey man I saw on a post from a few years back about your 1350/1350 doubler you were gonna toss in w corner of your shop when you went 300. Still got it? Up for sale?
    Hi. I searched the web for a pic of the timing indicator for a 89 ford ranger 2.9L and it brought me to you but I see that you don't have any pics available for me to see. I was just wondering if you could help me with a few things. Thank you
    How much metal, what metal and what degrees to bend the tube.and maybe some pics if it isn't too much? Thanks, CJ
    Do you have the specs for the bumper you built? I wanna make one like that for my ranger! Thanks, CJ
    Hey, can I get you to send me a link to that build thread? I cant find it and Im at the library they limit our time so I cant search that long for it. Thanks, Matt. Im interested in how you did your a/c OBA mod.
    i know some people i the army. i know sgt sheets and sgt st. ann. my sister just loined to
    she leaves to go for basic training in the begining of june.
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