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  • alright they suck for mudding but look nice and are fine for dd and non extream water situations
    better get rid of that air cleaner if that engine sees any mud. i had one and when it got wet it held almost a half gallon of water
    BDAB had been warned in the past. He was warned this time about his conduct as well. He didn't get banned because of comments in the forum. He got banned because he smarted off to the moderator that was trying to let him by with just a warning. Some of us on staff felt the length of the ban was to long, so we suggested that the moderator who banned him un-ban him, which he did.
    The bigger the better of course. how much work can you do on your own? dana 44's from Wagoneer's are cheap and strong. You can also find dana 44's under Scouts. What kind of suspension are you planning?
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