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Jim Oaks
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  • I still go to the Top 4x4 site daily. We've been in 12th place. Seems like some of the guys think it's not important,
    Hello! Love your site. I've been on here for a while now and have purchased a yearly subscription. For some reason this year I got charged 2 times. Once on Feb 8th and again on Feb 16th. Could you fix this? Thanks... -Micah
    Hey Jim, I paid for Premium Membership, but it hasn't gone through yet. I remember the account name changed and auto subscriptions would have to be redone. Have I done something wrong in the process?
    Hey Jim, How are things going? It's been a while since I have been able to get on the sight to see what's going on. I heard you moved to Salem.
    Hey Jim wasn't sure if you got my pm. I ordered some stickers from you and have yet to get them in he mail my Receipt number is #3302-5308-0124-1188 you received payment back on the 3rd of September for $23.25.

    I had ordered
    TRS Banner - Ranger Font
    Color: White $12.00 USD 1 $12.00 USD

    Ranger - Leading the pack since 1983
    Color: White $3.75 USD 1 $3.75 USD

    You Bought That? I Built This!
    Color: White $3.75 USD 1 $3.75

    TRS - For Serious Ranger Enthusiasts
    Color: White $3.75 USD 1 $3.75 USD

    Any thoughts?
    Hey Jim,
    just a personal thanks for creating the ranger station forum and compiling the tech library. I had a problem with my ranger recently, it picked up a misfire, I changed the cap and rotor as another member had suggested on the urgent section on the forum. Then looked up the firing order on the tech library and got it fixed in a few hours and truck is running better than before. thanks,
    Hey I bought some hubs off Jamesoakenterprises 19 days ago, I ordered some hubs on November 11th, I have not received any response. My transaction went through with no problem, I got the confirmation that you have my 245 dollars, but that's all, no shipping information has been sent to me, I looked at the contact us page and you said to email you and check my spam folder, I have checked my spam everyday since I ordered. I would really appreciate a response this time.
    I got a credit card statement today that shows Paypal charged me $10 for JAMESOAKSEN 402-935-7733
    I have no access to the premium group. There is a message that says I have to be a premium member in order to read or post. If you're not going to make me a premium member, then I want my $10 back.
    I just wanted to say thanks for making such a great website, im going through a really difficult time in my life right now and i go on TRS to help calm me down and clear my mind, ive recently found the forum section, the sanctuary, and as a struggling christian i now can look at everything possible for my truck while getting some mental encouragement.
    thanks again
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