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Jim Oaks
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  • Hey thanks for birthday wish. Its cool how much the site has evolved over the years. Keep up the good work.
    Just wanted to say your web site is great. Recently had my odometer quit working on my 96 Ranger. Ford dealer told me I had to replace the entire speedometer head. After reading the article on your site about the odometer gear replacement, purchased the gear online and installed in less than an hour. Of course I had to let the dealer know they were providing bad information. Thanks again for providing such a great service to your users.
    jim it turboranger. still computor illiterate. trying to send scanned wiring diagrams .

    out of the scan folder to to form. I use vista. can you steer me ,some were some how to do that. thanks george
    hey jim! this site rocks! already benifiting from it! quick question though, have you looked into possible apps for smartphones? i think thered be some potential there!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has helped me with so many problems Ive ran into with my ranger plus its showed me what to expect if I do engine swaps.
    Jim Oaks,
    Since your the man that started this whole website, I just want to say a great big Texas Thank You! I've gained more knowledge about my truck and been able to do all I've done more to "Almost Complete" than I probably never would have been able to do!
    I've keep it simple, well to me, mostly to improve useability, dependabilty, reliabilty, and comfort.
    I've finally posted some pics and a narrative of what has been going on the this bucket of bolts, rust, mud, crude, blood, sweat, spent dollars and headaches since I acquired it in '05.
    I would just like to know how I get it added to the "Truck Gallery"?
    "Almost Complete" (
    hi just bought a fabtech bent beam 4 inch lift kit and extended radius arms just like the red ranger , do you have any pics of the radius arm mounts installed?? seem like i have to cut off a portion of the body lift mount to install at the diagrams 12" from rear orig bolt location, seems like the guys at fabtech no longer have any info or pics on this , my ranger is a 88 super any info or picks would be great thx
    Hey Jim. I sent you a PM this morning, If you get a chance to read it let me know what you think.

    Thanks so much for the update Jim! I appreciate how the issue was resolved to the fullest extent. Now please excuse me as I go to buy my BFG All Terrains :D
    I was just curious if you have any details about your 96 Ranger? I've got a 96 ranger too and I just like to see what others have done to theirs.

    Jim, what's up with BDAB getting banned? Sure, he says stuff that's abrasive, but he's always saying stuff like that. Why all of a sudden are TRS mods being super anal about it? Anyone who doesn't like what he says can ignore him. Also, if he's going to be banned for being insulting, why didn't this coyote guy get banned? After reading his introductory post I felt very insulted myself. Is there any way to fix this situation, or should I just write TRS off as a total loss? Thanks! - Sassy
    I'm just curious why Bdab was banned? It's clear to me and others that Coyote called him out.

    Hyenas whose tags and monikers are cringingly misogynistic (BDAB uses a moniker saying: "Smack you bitch I will") and, if one is not a Republican, frankly embarrassing ("Gun control is hitting what you're aiming at. Good gun control is a tight grouping"). And this in the midst of doorgunner's search for truth!

    no trouble is trying to be started BDAB has helped me with multiple problems and is a very good resource for more than just trucks... Your site is very helpfull and yes some threads get out of hand but in my reasoning Bdab did not say or do anythin worse than any other thread that has been locked... thanks for your time
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