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  • alright so im going to a yard in denver tomorrow and i was wondering what all i would need to pull off of a 2000+ ranger to convert my 1998 to a live axle... i need to know exactly every part i need
    Hey man, i live in kamloops bc and run a ttb, just wondering if you could give me some info on what lift your runnning, love the box 2. what do you have for a rear end and gears and lockers? (your the closest member to my hometown ive ever seen on this site) info is greatly appreciated

    Thanks buddy! I can't believe I'm 26 already....

    I'm so old, I already ordered my scooter from the scooter store! :D
    Hey I heard you had run a set of runway adventuros and was wondering how you liked them? I thought about getting a set but don't want to end up buying junk rubber.thanks
    Yeah man, I hope your birthday went great! I didn't think you were younger than me... Oh well. You learn something every day.
    Hey buddy,
    Nice Rig you dont see many of those bush boxes on rangers and I think ill be making one for myself after everything else is done.
    looking through the forums it seems you might be the guy who can answer my question. I've got a 2004 Ranger with live axle shift on the fly. My problems is after engaging in 4 low or 4 hi, it randomly disengages the FRONT differential at the transfer case. While up in the rpm's and it disengages it sounds Horrible. My problem had progressively gotten worse. Its at the point now i cant use 4x4 at all without the front diff disengaging. At a low rpm it sounds like is just slips right out of however its engaged inside the transfer case and makes a grinding/ gears slipping noise?? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks -Ryan
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