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  • I love the truck! I have the same exact 2004 Ranger XL in white. Just picked it up with 69K on it, mint! I want to do some mods to it, but nothing to extreme, as i got a baby and am short on cash. Do you have a lift on it in your profile pic? Right now the truck is all stock, im tinting out the tail light this week, and installing a soft bed cover... after that I am thinking about upgrading tires but am not sure how big i can go without putting in a lift. Any info would be helpful! thanks in advance!
    Well some say they need a wider rim so u get even wear out of the tires. but i think they will work fine. The 7.5 will hold if u dont abuse it too hard i guess.
    yes they will fit.
    it will look a bit stuffed but will fit.
    i lifted mine before gettin the 30"s but a lot of people have them without lift and it works.
    i believe theres a thread on the 2wd suspension section with pictures of different heights and tire sizes. and there are some 2wds on stock height and 30"s
    ull need a bunch of special tools and lots of time. maybe he knows ho to, maybe he doesnt.
    i wouldnt risk the main part that keeps the truck moving tho, i would get an axle or get it to a pro.

    check the tech library, thers an article about that stuff.
    that would be awesome, is it really hard to re gear my self, my uncle should know how and have the tools but should i take it to a shop?
    welli would do a 3" bodylift, then the spindle lift up front maybe a 2" and the 2" blocks on the rear. u can easily fit 32"s or 33"s with that setup
    well it depends on the funds u have lol
    for simplicity i would say 2" block in the rear and coil spacers up front or spindle kit up front.
    with larger shocks fo course. the 4wd spec shocks will work fine.

    if u want a more elaborate setup the shackles would go best for the back, but tha requires taking the stock shackles, and thats a pain in the ass. for the front the sindle lift would be good.
    mines a 5 spd, i drive a 03 2.3 too, 5 spd, thats my moms truck.
    i got a pioneer mp3 and a couple 10" xplod susb on mine, along with x plod speakers. its not that expensive, but sounds cool as hell.

    yeah man sitting taller than the rest of cars is pretty cool, and so is going out and be able to go over dirt bumps and all.
    cool, i only thought about lowering mine once lol, and i only meant like 1 or 1.5" drop, but since i use it for work and carry heavy stuff i declined. and decided to go up when i saw an old 31" bf goodrich at tire my uncle had around from an old 4wd he had. then i startet diggin up TRs for pics and the whole lift and suspension means lol and there it is, supension and body lifted. it might not be as big as others, but its deff noticeable compared to stock trucks.
    i would love to make mine 4WD with a solid axle up front and manual transfer case. and yeah i want to get a 4.10 gearing axle later down
    yeah man it was a plain stock truck, it even was missing an alloy rim.
    my plans where to drive it for a while, save up and get me a nissan sentra se-r spec V, but i got cought on the truck thing really fast, and since i got no job to save i decided to work on the farm and mod my truck. i would like a 3.0 4wd, but i like this one too much to trade it now lol
    cool! mine was from a war veteran. pretty clean and well kept, except for a huge amount of dog hair under the seats and carpet lol i think he had maybe 2 dogs or 1 really hairy dog hahaha, it sure had a hairy ass!!
    it got t boned on the driver side door tho. thats the only ugly spot, since it has a crappy bondo job and the paint doesnt shine, but nothing i cant fix later
    i think u start like a new member, then go to junior and finally when u reach a certain amount of posts ur just member. i think at 100 posts ur member
    if can wait till spring wait, if not get those bitches rolling asap lol
    fresh rubber would help u on the snow i guess, are u going with new tires?
    well if its just scratches on the edges its no big deal, they are gettin em when u mount the tires anyway lol

    and yeah some ppl think that just cuz its 2wd it has to go down(lowered), i dont think so. in fact one day ill make mine 4wd lol
    yeah we will never say its finally complete, theres always new stuff on the "to do" list.
    good u decided to go up with your truck. and yeah lowereds look ghey imo, just dont let the lowered crowd know hahaha
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