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  • No not at all. Just a little on the fenders at full lock and reverse. Not sure why reverse matters besides maybe it's the direction of the tread or something.
    Thanks, I appreciate the info - Not sure if my last message went through, computer was being a pain earlier. Any issues with rubbing on the radius arm or sway bar? I'm installing a duff stage 1 with 31's - I think I should be good if I use the same B.S. and offset. Any issues in the back? Thanks again for the info

    Sure thing man.

    Cragar Soft 8's, Their P/N 3985812
    15 in. x 8 in.
    5 x 4.5 in. Bolt Circle
    4 in. Backspace
    12.00mm Offset

    I got 'em from Summit Racing.
    I hear ya!

    well It sounds like you are on the right track. Heres how to check for codes.


    And so you know, I found my problem. It was an exhaust leak. Before I went through inspection I checked it out and found that I had a pin hole right at the bung of the O2 Sensor. It was my fought since I tig welded a new one on a few months ago. That wasnt the whole problem though since it did it BEFORE I ever touched that O2 Sensor..

    ..The flange where the y pipe meets the cat was leaking like crazy. I knew it was leaking but I didnt realize how severe. So I took it down and noticed it was pretty warped. So I put it on a a 90 degree angle belt sander and leveled it out. Now all is well! Its been a week and now its fine. It took a few days for the computer to notice the change and run better but now its fine.

    Hope that helps man. Check for exhaust leaks..especially around that O2!
    Hey no other problems while driving just the warm starts. I am thinking it has to be something with the air fuel mixture.. I have been reading about teh TFI module on the distributor and how it can controls the air/fuel and spark and when it gets hot it malfunctions.. that is a common problem on my truck... maybe yours too. idk though it may be a EFI thing. I will run codes but dont know if ill get anythin.. Also my truck passed with flying colors the people were shocked lol.. not that its a hoopty or anything just that it is old.
    hey did you ever figure out that problem with your truck with the funny idle and then it smooths out? i am having something similar, my trucks starts fine but if I go in to the store or whatever and come out 20 minutes later ill start it and it will lobe for a bit and smooth out.. I thought it was a voltage problem because my voltage gets really low (at least on the gauge even though they may not be accurate) when I have accessories on such as fan and headlights... its almost to the 8 but it up about 12 when driving.. anyways I replaced battery, alternator (VR was shot), ground and pos. wire, Im running out of options here.. any clues. oh and when it lobes it smells like soap lol i guess its the pure gasoline idk it just smells like bubbles. Any help would be great, could it be ignition coil, something with speed density, i hate this problem and no one else has had one similar but you... sorry for the long message just frustrated.
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