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  • I was in a hurry to get the shifter Bushings replaced and missed the part in ur stick about staying in neutral. So ur right if you guessed that it sticks in the gear that I left it in.....1st. How do I realine/fix my messup? Found the parts for $26 near my house believe it or not...local tranny shop. Non of the 3 ford dealers around me had the parts...
    I viewed your article on changing shifter bushings. I am having trouble getting my shifter off after I have loosened the bolt. Any suggestions or what am I missing? Thank you in advance.

    thanks for quick reply to my questions . i didnt transfer exp dash to b2 .one big problem is the biggggg cannon plug on the exp harness that i assume runs the dash and int. electrics ther is no provision for it on the b2. also has a flat 12 contact plug that i cant locate any place to plug into.found to late that i got rid of donor veh way to soon. may be asking too much .it will be hard for any one to figure out what i need with out being able to see project. thanks a bunch for trying to help. brodie
    i did not use the exp dash . big problem is large cannon plug on exp harness. think its for dash but not sure. also has flat 12 contact plug that i cant locate a plug fof. may be asking for too much. thanks for rapid responce brodie
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