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  • I'm pretty sure I didn't flip them. I have since started making plates that bolt in and have made several sets for members here, and every one has had nothing but great things to say about them...

    Ok. I got one more big question for you before I cut up my motor mounts from my explorer. Did you switch sides with them cause it looks like you put the cut one with the slots on the driver side in the ranger but that one came out of the passenger side of my explorer
    Thank you for your help. Just wondering if you had any issues with the check engine light being on after the swap. Don't know if your state has emissions or not but mine does and if the lights on they won't even inspect it. Just wondering because I know the evap systems are very different between the ranger and exploder. Just waiting on the v8 tranny to come back from the rebuilder and I can start my swap!
    getting ready to install my 97 explorer 5.0 in my 96 ranger and reading your tech article like its the bible. just wondering if anything had to be done with the 42 pin connector for the engine harness to chassis harness or if it is plug and play?
    Hey how do you join the EMS/Firefighters group? Im a volunteer firefighter/EMT live-in up here in the capital of Alaska
    down south , St George UT. moved down here from SLC about 17 yrs ago. I was going to suggest if you were stuck down here i could take you out on some trails down here if you had the time.
    Dang that truck sounds badass. I currently have 3.5* bushings also, but i've read that they are only goot for about 2" of cut coils. I also read that you would need 4* bushings to go 3" on cut coils. I've never heard of 4" cut coils being alignable. With 20s and 7" up front, do they rub?
    Hey man, I was still wondering if you have the Ranger thats dropped 7/9? With 7 up front, do you have negative camber?
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