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  • oh ic well yep I'm in and out of town allot because of school and work and etc. but I'm always looking for a fellow wrenching buddie. not to many people that I know of are willing to take there vehicles into no where just to beat the shit out of it. :p
    just wanted to know, I am going to college there, so i wanted to know if you lived near the college =P have a fellow TRS member nearby to assosiate with
    I am pulling out a 2.9 out of my 89 supercab is it the one you want? call me (704)252-1109.(dipstick and tube bolts to the exhaut manifold)
    You know, I don't actually know. I only had that radio in and fully set up for a few months during the summer and didn't use it much. Then I got my 5001 that didn't fit in there.

    I does sit right in front of the heating duct, but those don't shed a lot of heat usually.
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