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  • $50 plus shipping?

    ive got a 96 ranger that i just put in a new flex plate..... after everything was installed i started it up and put in drive and i got nothing.... it like i have no gears... the trans was rebuilt about a year ago and a new torque converter was installed... i had no problems wat so ever when i put in the trans a year ago

    Theres is a faint grinding noise that sound like its coming from the bell housing..... would a bad rear diff prevent the truck from moving

    You commented on my thread about this. do you think replacing the torque converter would solve the issue
    Looking for 95-98 manual trans pedal bracket. Conducting an experiment for the betterment of all Ranger-kind.

    I have a manual trans pedal bracket if your still looking
    Hello sir. I just got a 4.0 w/ 60,000 miles on it. 1994/2wd/5spd. No issues, drives like new. Just wondering your thoughts on the truck, mainly the engine.
    Hey I see you are from Northumberland. I went to school up in PA I graduated last May from Penn College.
    i have a quick question do you no if the 4.10 gears out of my D35 front axle out of my 1990 will go in to my D35 front axle out of a 94? the 94 axle has 3.73 gears in it
    Seeing that your a ford tech, I have a question for you. I hit a large rock with the side of my drivers side tire and tire hasn't been straight since. It leans in just slightly and I can't figure out why. I put a new camber kit on, which help to correct it a little, I also got new ball joints and tie rod end, replaced the broken sway bar end link and had a front end alignment. Still, not straight. When the wheel is off the hub looks slightly tilted in, but nothing looks bent to me or anyone of the shops that have looked. Could it be a blown hub or spindle? thats the last thing I could think of.
    i pushed up on it and it doesnt move u mention a carrier there is one on the front driveline bolted to the frame if there is one onthe rear driveline i must of lost it when i broke it i didnt know there was one ill check that next thank u for ur help
    can anyone help me post a message; I'm really ina bind with my project?

    I keep hitting the "POST Message" button but I don't know where to find the reply.

    We are still on for the 24th, but I am not getting the frame, mine is fine except the back few inches, might need to weld a small fix to the back, but I will call it a extension for the flatbed if the insection people ask about it =P
    sorry for the quickness in asking for some help with it, I just wanted some help in getting it, guess I can see with my grandparents about the money, need 150, got 30, 120 more to go.
    Up for a junk yard day next week? 12:00 to 5:00 next Friday, Covington Junk Yard, Costy's, Stager's Ford Parts, Blossburg Auto Wreckers, and I think there is one or two more. I want to get some extras for the little ranger, maybe even get the brakelines fixed, and do some frame searching in the yards
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