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  • hey man, you commented on a thread i started about me putting a 99 ford ranger motor in a 29 model A pickup. i just wanted to pick your brain on how would i go about getting a fuel and temp and oil guage( the round pod style universal ones) with this set up to work with stock stuff. i notice you have a old truck with some modern ranger stuff on it just wondering what your set up is. thanks
    hey doorgunner! seen you around trs, but never really spoken. i love your truck! ive been really curious about it for a while, reading some of your first posts to see if it gave me any clues. so you just put the '36 body that you bought onto your ranger frame?
    just curious, thats all.
    thanks for your advice DG, sometimes you end up hitting rock bottom before you finally wake up and start seeing the light tks for being there and being a friend when i needed one.
    Thanks, DG! The time for biting that bullet is always getting closer...thanks for your advice!
    Please don't take offense at the last post on the banner thread. I still couldn't figure out how to post in red letters. I don't want some DG coming at me on an AC-130 with the .50 cal's flying around.
    Hey, thanks for responding to my post. I added you as a friend so we can more easily message each other as the flag passes this way.
    i tried to sign up a the othere day you havent let me in!!!! what and i not special enuff lol
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