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  • You have a gen one so I'm not sure how the fuel pump will work. I didn't have to do anything on mine. My new computer sits on the driver side inner fender. Kinda like the Ranger I pulled it from. My fuel lines worked . I just had to plug into the engine ones.

    Holler at 4.0B2. I believe his is an 87 w a 4.0 and gen one dash.
    The swap is pretty easy, esp if you dothe prep work first. Check the tech library for the specifics. Mine was plug and play, kinda. I had a few difficulties. My build thread is in my signature at the bottom of my posts.
    The engine itself is a direct bolt in. Its the wiring harness that'll throw u. A long weekend to a week is needed.You will have to do some splicing unless you are plannin on switching the dash. There are some detailed write ups in the library. Every swap is different. I had a couple of hang ups that I've worked around.
    Not sur about the meet, nobody is showing much interest. Steve is comin up this weekend to Stillwater. Call me if you have any questions. 405-334-8937
    Sure. Mostly the work I've been doing on it (bumpers, tire ccarrier, ect.) Nothing on the inside. It's in pretty good shape inside, but nothing special. I guess I can figure out how to use the album on here and post what I've got. Let me see what I can do. Thanks for asking!
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