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  • I'd envite myself up this weekend, but my daughter is having a birthday. I guess that's a higher priority ;) I'm wanting to take a gander at your 4.0 setup, and see how it all went in. The computer is in a hole in the firewall of the exp, but passenger floorboard area in BII. wandering how that fit. BTW, I have a welder, if that fender inner wall becomes a problem. did you have to swap fuel pumps? Did the fuel lines on the BII work for the 4.0?
    Hey country, did you do a build thread, showing your 4.0 swap? I have lots of questions, would like to get together, maybe at the next okie meet, and see what you did, before I tackle mine.
    Nice BII,,wish mine looked that good. mine's a work in progress. maybe we cud get together sometime for 4-wheelin.
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