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  • Whats up Zman. hey who won the september offroad truck of the month? i see simonsays in the runners up, so RSH grabbed it?
    can my 1990 ranger xlt be added to the truck of the month ,?
    i posted on there but its not with the group,

    [U RL=http://img156.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ranger3.jpg]
    Hey Z! My truck is going to be featured in True Blue Trucks magazine in a few months and I'm going out today to take some updated pics. Quite a bit has changed on it since my avatar pic was taken. Can I submit a different pic and if so where should I put it? Would Car Domain be OK? Thanks!
    Hey man, I'm moving to medina in the spring, thought I'd say hi. I'm Matt. gonna have to let me know what's cool around there.
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