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Anyone else use propane for charging A/C


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Dec 11, 2008
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Southern Illinois
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I still stand by my original posts about using propane in the A/C system as a R12 substitute. I have had good luck with it so far (3 seasons) with a slow leak in the system. I can make it through the summer on one charge of propane. I do understand the risk of having propane in the system, but for me it is not a big deal. I am pretty far along on the V8 swap currently so I am planning on vacuuming the system down and recharging up with propane to seal and pressurize the system for the winter, but will probably vacuum it down next summer again when it gets hot enough to boil out the excess moisture in the system to get it back into the more effective range.

I have been hesitant so far to post any pictures or writeup about it as there has been such a big resistance about using propane.

But for me it is my go to choice. It is kind of nice to have the odorant in the small disposable containers of propane that I use for charging the system. If you have a leak that is enough to be concerned you will know quick.
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