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  • ok i got your invoice, should post in the morning on friday at the latest,but the mmoney has been sent to you for the doubler. thanks for the fast response, and for shipping this. let me know if you need anything for your rbv's i have a bunch of stuff for em.
    hey this is cameron. about the doubler and paypal, if you send me a invoice with paypal, you will need my user name, it is , cameron.bordner@yahoo.com . i have the money and paypal has my shipping address. or you can call me at 810 394 8854 if you have any questions. thankyou for taking the time to ship this ,i really needed it.
    Hey man whats up? I havnt been on in awhile. What all do you have for ranger parts? I just got a 98 2wd thats gonna be a prerunner project and I need some parts. Let me know, or you can text me or something at 360-751-9486
    Hey, you put a aussie in your 35 right? Did you reuse the center pin that holds the locker in, even though it had a flat spots
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