(1990 Eddie Bauer Bronco II)

Who Was Eddie Bauer:

If we’re going to talk about the Eddie Bauer Bronco II, we should first tell you who he was.

Eddie Bauer (1899-1986)

“To give you such outstanding quality, value, service and guarantee that we may be worthy of your high esteem.”—”The Eddie Bauer Creed

Eddie Bauer was an sportsman, merchant, and inventor whose knack for design produced some of the twentieth century’s most useful outerwear and recreational equipment. He was among the first to use goose down to line and insulate jackets, and created the flight parka that came to be known as the “Bomber Jacket” worn by thousands of American World War II pilots. His company, which bore his name and used his signature as its logo, began with a tiny storefront (Eddie Bauer’s Sports Shop) in Seattle, Washington, and grew to over six hundred stores worldwide with sales exceeding $1.6 billion.

Eddie Bauer & The Ford Bronco II:

In 1983 the Eddie Bauer company signed a partnership with Ford to start producing Eddie Bauer packaged vehicles starting the 1984 model year. The 1984 Ford Bronco II was the first Ford vehicle to feature the Eddie Bauer edition premium trim package. Eddie Bauer Edition Ford vehicles are known for sporty contemporary styling and rugged good looks. These vehicles feature unique Eddie Bauer amenities, making the Ford Eddie Bauer Editions attractive to those seeking unpretentious style with rugged capability.

The first thing you’ll notice about an Eddie Bauer Bronco II is the two-tone paint with the bottom color being tan. As you look closer, you’ll see the Eddie Bauer badge on the fender.

On the inside, the Eddie Bauer Bronco II also has a Eddie Bauer logo on the passenger side dash.

The Eddie Bauer Bronco II was outfitted with a high quality tan cloth interior with Eddie Bauer stitching, premium stereo and accessories, and special Eddie Bauer badging / stitching. The Eddied Bauer Bronco II is no doubt the most luxurious of all the Bronco II’s.

Here is the interior found in the 1989 and 1990 Eddie Bauer Bronco II’s. To the left is an automatic and to the right is a manual. Note the center console and tilt wheel.

The photo above shows the seat style and Eddie Bauer logo in the 1989 and 1990 Eddie Bauer Bronco II.

The 1984 – 1988 Eddie Bauer’s had a different style interior. The interior was still tan, but the seat was a different halo style headrest and had a unique ‘tree’ design print.

The photo above is looking back through the 1984 – 1988 Eddie Bauer’s.


The 1984 – 1985 Eddie Bauer’s had optional reclining buckets in the back. The photo above left shows the buckets. Above right is the standard rear seats.

The backs of the seats had zippered storage compartments. Note that the factory center console is missing from this vehicle.

The 4×4 Eddie Bauer Bronco II had the switches for the electronic transfer case in a small console on the headliner (above).

The Eddie Bauer Bronco II featured a center console with (2) cup holders, a locking storage compartment and an information center.

The Eddie Bauer offered cruise control, power seats, power windows and power locks. These photos show some of the controls on the steering wheel, seats and doors.

The End

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