2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch RetroMod

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The 2021 Ford Bronco was an instant success. It helped that Ford went with an icon style inspired by the first-generation Ford Bronco, and the fact that the public had been wanting Ford to bring the Bronco back for a long time.

As cool as the new Bronco looks with its styling cues from the very first Bronco’s, some people felt like it just wasn’t retro enough.

Enter the RetroMod. Not to be confused with RestoMod. In a RestoMod a builder ‘restores’ a vehicle but adds features that the vehicle didn’t come with. That definition has changed over time. Originally someone might rebuild a vehicle and modify it with features that were period correct, but not offered on that particular vehicle at the time. Today people are using RestoMod for an older vehicle that’s been rebuilt with modern technology and features.

RetroMod is taking a vehicle and modifying it to have a nostalgic look from an older time period.

In the case of this 2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch, it was painted a Wimbledon White and Antimatter Blue two-tone to give it a retro look similar to the Bronco above. But the owner didn’t stop there. A carbon fiber panel was painted and applied to the rear side windows to give the Bronco the swept back look of the earlier Bronco’s.

Underneath, the suspension was upgraded with Baja Kits Billet Upper A-Arms and rear control arms. It also received King 25001-392A 2.5” Coil Overs w/Adjustable Compression in the front and King 25001-393A 2.5” Coil Overs w/Adjustable Compression in the rear.

Method Race Wheels 315 wheels were added with 35-inch General Grabber X3 mud tires.

JcrOffroad Vanguard Bumper was added to the front and houses a Warn winch and KC Gravity LED lights. This set up required the relocation of the Automatic Cruise Control module and front camera.

A KC HiLiTES 91338 Gravity LED Pro6-50″ Light Bar Kit was added over the windshield. These lights come with Yellow KC letters on black covers. A sign shop made custom decals of black letters on a yellow background to give it more of a retro look.

The Rotopax fuel container is mounted on a Hammer Built Bronco Modular Tailgate Reinforcement System.

All in all, it’s a well thought out build and far better looking than what rolls off of the Ford assembly line!

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