By ‘Nobody’

This is only a brief overview to show that this is not rocket science. These are not instructions on how to do the swap!

Step 1:

Before picture. Featuring a Skyjacker Softride 4-inch suspension lift.

Step 2:

Remove the axles and suspension

Step 3:

Took about an hour to remove everything.

Step 4:

Slide the Dana 44 under the truck. Put the coils on the axle and carefully let the truck down on the coils. Hook up the shocks. These are Duff early Bronco 3.5″ variable rate coils. $115 for the pair. The axle is a Dana 44 from a 74 Bronco $250. 4 inch lift shocks will work fine, 6 inch lift shocks would be better. I’ll be going to a wristed arm with RS9000 9012’s, which will require a new shock mount. I’m also going to swap the coil buckets out, but the stock ones will work fine.

Step 5:

The radius arm drop brackets from a 1978-1979 Ford F-150 or Bronco work perfectly for this swap. They have a 4-inch drop that will help keep the caster correct. My axle had 4 degree duff bushing that came with it. It rides nice, so I imagine I’m close on the caster specs.

Step 6:

Drill the holes for the radius arm brackets.

Step 7:
Notice the hole on the bracket is directly below the existing hole on the frame. This keeps the wheel base exactly what it was before.

Step 8:

Make a track bar mount. It bolts up to the existing power steering gear bolts. If you don’t mind welding to your frame, then it will be really easy. I prefer bolt up stuff.

Step 9:

After picture. It sits exactly 4-inches higher than the Skyjacker 4-inch lift. Was that so hard? Certainly not rocket science. I left out a few things about a good way to hook up the brakes, transmission cross member, and steering. I did this entirely by my self in one weekend.

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