Difficulty: 2 out of 10

Time to install: 2 Hours

In the 80’s when the third brake lights started showing up I thought they were pretty dumb looking. But since they have been around a while I find they do make it easier to tell if the car in front is stopping.

I wanted to update the Bronco II, so I started looking for a 3rd brake light assembly to install on it. I liked the shape of the light on my Astro Van, so I went to the wrecking yard and got this:

First step was to pull the trim off above the door, back window and hatch. I also took the trim off the A-Pillar.

I ran a wire from the green wire on the brake light switch up the A-pillar and back to the rear dome light. There is a wire bundle that runs the whole length that goes to the electric hatch lock and dome light. I used wire ties to secure the wire to that bundle.

This was the hardest part since the headliner backing is very brittle and would break if bent very much.

Next, I marked and drilled the holes for the tabs on the bottom of the light, and for the wires to run through.

I stayed close to the hatch so that the screws and wires would end up in the metal brace that runs across the hatch. I ran a ground to the dome light ground and put it all back together. The light had a foam gasket on it, but I still ran a bead of clear RTV around the holes and mount screws to make sure it didn’t leak.