When adding a suspension lift, an important issue that needs addressed is the brake lines. Some owners choose to purchase longer brake lines from suspension companies such as Skyjacker. But what if you don’t want to spend that much on braided lines? Or what if you brake a line on the trail and need to go to a parts store to find a replacement?

There are longer brake lines out there intended for other vehicles that will work on your Bronco II.

Here are your stock specifications:

Bronco II Brake Line Specifications:

End 1 Attachment Type: Banjo – 0.375

End 2 Attachment Type: Female – 3/8-24

Overall length 16.93 inches

The most common factory upgrade would be front brake lines from a Chevrolet K2500 truck. Use the chart below for reference.

Chevrolet K2500 Pickup 4×4 (1989-1995)
Chevrolet K2500 Suburban 4×4 (1992-1995)
Chevrolet K3500 Pickup 4×4 (1988-1995)
GMC K2500 Pickup 4×4 (1989-1995)
GMC K2500 Suburban 4×4 (1992-1995)
GMC K3500 4×4 (1988-1995)

The Chevy K2500 front brake lines come in 12, 22, and 26 inch lengths.

You would need the 22-inch or 26-inch hoses for a 4-inch lift, or the 26-inch hoses for a 6-inch lift.

When you go in the parts store, ask for the right and left front brake line for a 1995 Chevrolet K2500 4×4 truck with a 5.7L or 6.4L.

Manufacturer Left Part # Length Manufacturer Right Part # Length
Brakeware 70053 22.50-Inches Brakeware 70054 22.50-Inches
Wagner BH120541 26.25-Inches Wagner BH120542 25.00-Inches
Wearever H38623 22.50-Inches Wearever H38624 22.50-Inches


The Bronco II Corral project Bronco II uses Wearever P/N’s H38622 and H38623 from Advance Auto Parts. The Bronco II only has a 4-inch lift, so it’s using these 22.50-inch brake hoses.

Here are the Chevy K2500 brake hose specifications:

H38623 Specifications:

Banjo 10 mm fitting / Female 38-24 fitting

Overall Length 22.5 inches long

Passenger front

H38622 Specifications:

Banjo 10 mm fitting / Female 38-24 fitting

Overall Length 22.5 inches long

Driver side front

Important Notes:

The Chevy brake hoses have 10mm Banjo and Female 38-24 fittings. The 10mm and 0.375 banjo fittings are very close in size. You just need to use your existing bolt in these fittings. The important part is that the female fittings are the same 38-24 to match your Bronco II brake lines.

Wearever H38622

Wearever H38622

Banjo & female fittings