I recently rolled my 1988 Bronco II.  It was a mild roll and damage was limited to the front half of the truck (fenders, hood, driver’s side door, windshield and frame).

There was enough damage that I decided I was going to strip everything down to the frame and start from scratch.  I remembered someone complaining about removing Bronco II rear windows in one piece, so I thought that I would write up how I took mine out. (Note: 1984 – 1985 side rear windows had an exterior aluminum trim to go around them and are glued in similar to how a windshield is)

Step 1:  Get a friend to help you. Offer refreshments if necessary.  You can probably do this on your own, but it can’t hurt to have some extra hands and encouragement/heckling.

Step 2:  Remove all interior trim around the window you are trying to take out.

Step 3:  Remove the small nuts that secure the window to the body. I think there are 16 in all – 5 each on top and bottom, 3 on each of the sides.

Step 4:  Even though you have removed all of the nuts, the window still won’t come out.  There is an adhesive/sealant applied around the entire window.  It has a sticky/foamy feel to it. You need to cut this all the way around the window to allow you to pull it out.  Get yourself a flat-head screwdriver and some wire of some sort (an old bike brake cable works awesome).  Starting in one of the corners, push out on the window just enough to dig some of the adhesive out with your screwdriver.  Now feed half of the wire through that space.  Have your grab the other end and “saw” around the window.  The little studs on the window get in the way.  You will need to feed the wire around them, or just start again on the other side.

Step 5:  Once you have cut around the entire window, you should be able to pull the bottom of the window out and lifting the top.

Step 6:  Don’t drop it!

Hope this helps!


Please contact us if you have any photos of removing the Bronco II side windows.