I decided that I wanted to do a body-off rebuild. Blame it on too many episodes of Trucks, Overhaulin’, Monster Garage, or just plain old insanity, but here we go!! I’m just a shade tree mechanic, so I don’t have all the cool tools for this type of project. But if you own a Ford and do any work on it, you know how to improvise.

First: Remove all the mounting bolts. I know…duh!! But I missed 2 in the very back under a trailer hitch. Also, be careful with the wiring harness. If you plan to reuse it, take the time to run the wires and disconnect them. Make sure you disconnect the speedometer cable, throttle linkage, and steering column.

Next: Lift the body. For this I used my engine hoist. Remember: you’re lifting sheet metal, so unless you plan to replace it, set up a sling to distribute the weight.


I used concrete deck footings, 4×4 posts, and jack stands. I know, not great, but with a little caution it can be done.

You’ll notice that I also used vehicle dollies. These things are worth the cost and make life so much easier. To lift the back I ran a 3/16 “wire rope” through the mounting bolt holes, to from a sling. Due to the over head restrictions of a finished garage, I wasn’t able to pull the chassis straight out the front. However, I had tons of clearance to swing the engine out under the front right wheel well. With the front supported by the hoist and a jackstand on the left front cab support, I pulled the right front jackstand and swung the engine through the right wheel well. Then I replaced the right jackstand once the chassis was clear.

So now I have completely separated the body and the chassis. The only help I had was my 16 yr. old daughter acting as a spotter.

If you use this method, I can’t say this enough: BE SAFE

Take your time and check your clearances!!

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